Friday, April 16, 2010

Steven Seagal's Dark Side?

I have to admit it. I really liked the guy.
More so since his recent tv show not only revealed he's really a cop, he's also a  firearms expert and a compassionate, loyal, ethical man.
I suppose I wanted to believe in what he positioned himself to be. A good guy.

Then I got a heads up on a story I am linking you to tonight.
It's just coming out in the press.
And of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
I think, however, the tale of  the mysterious Steven Seagal's dark side by Mark Ryan is quite illuminating more illusion shattered.
You can be sure a few P.I.'s are this case.
Just click on this link to get to the story and draw your own conclusions.
Allegedly, Jenny McCarthy is a fairly convincing witness.

"Tales Of Steven Seagal's Dark Side Comes Out"

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  1. Is this the same Jenny McCarthy whose lies about vaccination have led to more than two thousand children dying of preventable diseases?