Monday, May 2, 2011

We hear you.

You are not alone. We hear you. I hear you.
If you feel you are not being heard,  step up, speak up, maybe a little louder.
Ask questions.
Ask for help.
Do not give up without unlocking the thoughts in your head and letting them loose.
You might unleash a box of demons, or you might free them and rid them from your life.
Key is, if you live alone, inside your head, 24/7...
and those thoughts turn dark,
they  can indeed on themselves and you or others.
So the key is to communicate, not isolate.
Reach out, don' t cut yourself off.
And don't let anyone else cut you off either.
The first thing someone who tries to control you does is isolate you... from family and friends.
They attempt to take all your power.
Do not hand it over.
Do not give up.

Today's investigations which begin in a few moments when I race out the door for the boat...
are on behalf of those who refuse to give up.   Who are speaking up. Who are fighting back.
We, the attorneys, the investigators, the criminal and civil justice system are your voice.
Just open up...
do let anyone... including... yourself, cut you off from help.

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