Sunday, May 22, 2011

Re: End of The World

I had an older "end of the world" video up this morning.
However, a few of my trusted sources told me it was tacky.
One even said it was not the least bit funny.
That was all it took for me to take it down.
I like to be funny where the end of the world is concerned.
Otherwise, the subject of our planet's demise can get a bit depressing.
And blogs being what they are.... fluid works of art, always in motion.... I came to three conclusions:
1. The preacher who predicted the world would end yesterday is a few beers shy of a six-pack and definitely got his dates wrong.
2. The Mayans aren't the only ones who called a different date. Twitter knows the truth too.
They're already prepping for it.
3. I had to take the You-Tube down and replace it with the one below.
It's from a few years back, so you can imagine the work they've done by now.

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