Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Stop Spammers, Scammers & Hackers On Your Facebook Account.

The best way to keep bad people out of your Facebook account and life is to manually change your Facebook privacy settings.
You go into account setting, privacy, and  then go "custom".
You choose who you want to see your posts and who you don't.
I choose "friends only" for everything... which sounds ridiculous because I have a whole lot people I've never met from all over the world on my wall because of this blog.
You will note, however, there are not pictures of me plastered all over my wall.
None of my work product is posted.
Nor do I post when I am on vacation and my house is empty.
And I suspect if I lived somewhere other than in the middle of nowhere, accessible primarily by boat, then  down a long dirt road no one ever finds on first try, I would be a whole lot more private than I am.
On Facebook, I keep my quotes generic, my links entertaining.
I see the wall as a business vs a social tool.
It's up to you how much privacy you want, how much you are willing to give up.
Every single one of those gift, game applications, the ones that require you enter a door to engage, are stealing info from you with your permission.
That's why I don't use those or keep them on my wall.
And every person who friends you, or charms you, or instant messages you could be a wolf in sheep's clothing.
So many people pretend to be someone else.
They read your interest and say they have the same.
Worms worm their way into your world.
I think we can all agree, no one wants invaders/hacker entering their Facebnook domain.
Here's one sure-fire technique, I and many others use, to keep our Facebook pages under our control.
It makes us the masters of our own privacy by a simple change in the web browser window.
These instructions are easier than they sound.
Make this change today, spread the word, and our cyber world will be a wee bit safer.
Check your URL address (the very top box on your screen.) If you see "http:" instead of "https:" you DO NOT have a secure session & can be HACKED. 
Go to Account - Account Settings - Account Security - click Change. 
Check the "Secure Browsing" box, and click Save. 
FB has automatically set it on the non-secure setting! 
Do your friends a huge favor by copying and posting this in your Facebook Status bar."

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