Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crime Rate Goes Up With Gas Prices

I posted  a link to my FB wall this morning re gas prices.
Now I added another to blog because I figure it will be a fine counter-balance to the animated gas price statement below.
It comes from "The Commonwealth of  Kentucky."
According to Wikipedia: "Kentucky is one of four U.S. states constituted as a commonwealth. The others being Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts".
People don't think about Kentucky much when they think about gas.
Yet people in Kentucky sure are thinking about gas prices, as are we all.
Next time you're on the freeway, look around.
You'll find yourself surrounded by road warriors like me, people who earn their living by driving from case to case, or client to client, or job to job.
Many of us not only have to come up with gas money up-front for later expense reimbursement, we're being confronted at gas stations by druggies or crooks who want some of our "black gold... texas tea."
It's a high octane jungle out there.
Watch your step. Be ever vigilant... and fiscally conservative. 

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