Monday, June 28, 2010

Guest Blogging Monkey

I didn't have time to blog the other day, so an old friend offered to lend a hand.
Then I decided to blog and his feelings were hurt.

Checking the blog today, I noticed a comment on what they call the "Blogger Dashboard" from someone who asked where that Guest Blogger is. I must have posted instead of saved the original draft and taken it down.

That gave me a great idea, because I am swamped today.
I decided to call in that favor. I called my Guest Blogger and he was very agreeable.
Said he had nothing better to do, however... he said he needed to think about what to write about.
Being, a he said, a direct descendant of Sherlock Holmes'  beloved monkey... and therefore, a celebrity, he said he has a certain iconic stature to maintain. Though he assured me he has countless tales to tell.

I told him blogging isn't as easy as he thought.
It's one thing to come up with an idea, I said.
It's a whole different story to write the story.

He replied with his more than usual amount of arrogance that writing is easier than climbing a banana tree any day. Any simian with half a brain can punch a keyboard and  a create a brilliant blog post, he said. So I accepted his challenge because I  must head off to help a woman reunite with her daughters

I have been working this locate case, pro-bono for well over a year now.
Have been through every DSHS and Foster System legal channel. Every Freedom of Info and Public Records Disclosure request. I burned up cell hours. Even showed up at the big warehouse in our state capital where I know the records are housed and knocked on the door.
In fact, I have knocked at seven doors.
No luck.
When you are being stonewalled, you need something very strong to take down those walls.
I have had enough and these aren't even my kids. Nor am I their mother.
My pro-bono client told me yesterday she doesn't know how much longer she can take not having seen her girls in 20 years.
She mentioned this investigation is the only thing  that matters in her life and asked me not to give up.

I took the case and eat the costs because I believe the foster care system adopted out those kids 15 years ago on false criminal allegations which have since been over-ruled by the Supreme Court. I'm determined to find another pathway to those kids.

The allegations were sexual in nature, they were false and the witness against the mother was an embittered  schizoid alcoholic woman next door who  hated my attractive client and her kids. She called DSHS on them repeatedly.

Just know this:

When I do a locate, regardless of who my client is.... mother, child, friend, long lost relative or love, whatever...when I find the address and/or phone.... I keep the locate info to myself and contact the subject myself. I never hand over this info to my client.

What I do is let the investigation subject know someone is trying to find him, her or them.
Then I say who and why.
We talk about it.
Most times, I bring them a letter, sometimes pictures, from the seeker and ask the subject if they would like to read it.
I never, ever, find someone for anyone and directly hand the address over.
This is a no-no in investigation.
It has led to countless lawsuits...and worse, deaths.... because a PI gave out info he or she was not legally and/or ethically supposed to.
PI locates Rebecca Schaffer For Her Killer

So off I go to that obsessive place PI's go in their heads when they are solving a puzzle.
Meantime, I leave this blog in what I hope are capable hands.
Can't wait to get back later and see what my Guest Blogger wrote.
Here's a place you can keep checking his creative progress.
I know he does a whole lot of thinking.
My thanks to StumbleUpon and The Smoking Monkey.
Wave your cursor here to follow The Guest Blogging Monkey's Creative Progress

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