Saturday, June 19, 2010

Colton Harris Moore Update - Bandit and Philanthropist

This young man, who happens to be a criminal, has his own Facebook page and a fan club.
They've written a song about him, printed t-shirts.
You've got to know his family, friends, strangers are helping this crook, who they perceive as Robin Hood.

There's been in update on his investigation I will post here while I head out on today's cases.
I am running lately to meet someone who had a run-in with about 2500 pounds of steel and lost.

Eventually someone with catch or shoot Colton.
Personally, I think US Military Special Forces could intervene, snatch up this kids, de-program him, put  a GPS chip in him and send him off to find Osama Bin Laden.
He can run, he can hide.
Let's put him and his unique kills sets to work.

Go here: Colton Harris Moore Update

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