Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The Electronic Peephole" From Pursuit Magazine

I just finished my last case for the evening.
It involved one of the worst sets of injuries I have ever seen or photographed to the lower half of the human body.
Since printing, then packing up the photos for delivery to the attorney tomorrow, I have been unable to eat anything that resembled flesh, bone, sinew or the color red tonight.
So tonight's pizza remains untouched.

Decided to unwind a bit instead catching up on my reading.
I came across this, from "Pursuit Magazine".... which is one of my favorite publications.
This article discusses "sexy spyware" and divorce cases.

Spyware, when used according to both state and federal guidelines statutes, comes in handy when fraud is involved in a divorce action.
In cases where no fault is necessary for a divorce, the process is merely a battle of wills.
What turns the battle into a war is in those "at fault" states...
or in cases where an affair is involved and the new partner is draining the soon-to-be-ex's settlement, then it becomes a whole new ballgame.

The Electronic Peephole: Digital Evidence in Family Law Investigations

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