Saturday, May 9, 2009

Drew Peterson down for the count.

One more manic off the streets.

I am convinced Drew Peterson is a psychopath, sociopath and narcissist. Add compulsive liar to the equation and you’ve got one of those people who believe their own lies.
Try as I might to always be objective, to bring no preconceived notions to a case; sometimes this inner voice speaks to me. It can be a whisper, or a scream. In Peterson’s case, it was a scream.
Call it instinct, psychic message, delusional, gut instinct… it’s nameless to me. It’s just a voice that guides me on my investigations and says… Look here. Try this. Re-frame the picture.
Look again. And again. And look once more.
That same voice has been screaming to me about Peterson’s guilt and the danger his current young girlfriend is in.
At last, he is under arrest for at least one murder. He’s behind cold, steel, unkind bars. And a cop arrested is not in best standing among fellow inmates. There is a prurient pleasure is pondering his fate.
I watch his Perp walk and he appears to revel in it.
His snide smile and sassy comments shine the spotlight on how delusional he truly is.
His defense attorney contends this is cocky attitude is Peterson’s form of coping mechanism. I contend the guy is more than a few beers shy of a six-pack.
Peterson was a police officer. Wife three is dead. His fourth wife is missing. Still, he’s ready to marry wife five.
He was also in the process of negotiating a deal for a reality show in a whore house.
Now, tonight, he is in finally in the big house.
For that on this Saturday evening... one big amen.

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