Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Granny Gives It Up

Got lucky today. Figured out a way to get a protective granny to give up information on her adult grandson who is in hiding. The grandson did a very bad thing and needs to be served a subpeona before the statue of limitations runs out. We had just 24 hours left, two process serving companies couldn't find him.

I woke up this a.m. with a pre-text epiphany and gave grannie a call. Sure enough, I got her grandson's phone number out of a relcuatnt lips which i imagined were quivering. And got her to confirm the address I thought he could be at.

It's always like highest of highs for a P.I. to find that missing person Did that little hamster dance thing. Then called the attorney, who did same.

Now they are hoping to find a P.I. or server where the grandson lives (Bumfruck, Egypt) so they don't have to pay me for the four hours of round-trip drive time it would take to get to his place, knock on his door and hand him his subpeona. IF he was home.

I like serving supbeonas. Some people run at those moments, right after they I.D. the subject and serve him. To me, the whole thing's a rush. And at the end, the point where the papers leave my hand and enter the subject's, I usually a stick around for a moment or two while the shock sinks in on the subject's part. Those are the moment I breathe in for some odd, clearly jaded reason. And I often add a witty, compassionate, or wry comment depending on how their response goes.

Time now to leave the keyboard, get in the car and cross the water via car ferry to teach my class on investigation at UW. Tonight we have a guest speaker, a death investigator who runs his own private forensic inestigation agency. His company had independant medical examiners, who do autopsies, helped ID bodies, work places like Katrina, disaster zones. He has one case study I have heard many times and it still blows me away. I watch my students watching him and they are focused on him and his every word the full three hours.

Life is good and never dull when you pursue your passion.

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