Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Todays Cases: Arsonist, Stalker And Runner

Every day in the life of a private investigator is different. Today is no exception. Many calls to return and cases to work. And with every ring of the phone, another possible assignment.


Today we're investigating the background of a serial arsonist turned murderer. He’s in jail. He was staying at the home of the two people he killed and the house he burnt down are insured. The insurance company paying out the claim hired a lawyer who hired me to see if the killer might have some assets somewhere no one knows about.


Today I also work two stalker cases which could turn into slander liable cases in the civil arena. One case involves a stalker on the internet. The other stalker is in real time. In both cases we know whose doing it, yet the police and prosecutor are unable to do anything about it for lack of evidence.

That's when a private investigator steps in. Because when there's not enough evidence or cause for a criminal action, there may be enough for a civil action or suit. Often, civil investigators can find evidence the police don't have the time or funding to pursue. And when we find information that can help the police in their concurrent criminal investigation, we pass it on.


The last case requiring my attention today is a hit and run. I get several of these a month and they never cease to amaze me.

Just as some people will walk into a burning building, while others run from it, some people actually run from a car they hit rather than face it. In the split seconds following a car crash, the Defendant, the driver who caused the accident, makes what I believe is a primal decision – to stay and face the music, or run.

It's important to find the hit and runner for many reasons. The police and prosecutor want to throw him or her in jail. The auto insurance company of the person hit wants to hold them responsible for damages. And the person who got hit, the victim, or Plaintiff, wants justice, vindication. And always, a reason "why."

In Washington State, hit and runners have 48 hours to turn themselves in before being charged. In a recent hit and run I worked, the driver who hit a casino worker crossing the street on an Indian reservation up north, ran. He went to the car wash,, cleaned off the underbelly of the car played a few hands of poker, did the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, and then turned himself in an hour shy of 48 hours. He was home for dessert. Meantime our client was on life support with a wife and two kids by his side.

Personal Injury Attorneys

There are many people who mock attorneys. And there certainly are attorneys worth mocking. However the ones I work for, the personal injury attorneys who represent and fight for the rights and recovery of injured victims, make me both privileged and proud to be a part of the civil justice system.

When people say personal attorneys are in it for the money, indeed they are. Because only money pays the tens of thousands… or hundreds of thousands…. or millions of dollars…. required to make a person whole again after being shattered by thousands of pounds of steel.
Medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, pages and suffering. It’s not too much to ask for when your life is shattered.

Total a car and you total the human body. That’s a fact. Getting an insurance company to pay the money required to make the human body whole again is, in my opinion, virtually impossible without the assist of a personal injury attorney.


On my links list, you find a link to my personal injury attorney in Washington. They also have offices in California, If you have a case you’d like to talk about, give them a call. And tell them Sue, the Investigator, sent you.

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