Friday, February 22, 2013

Re: Drew Peterson Case

If you've been following the Drew Peterson case as I have, you may feel the same sense of satisfaction I did on the day he was arrested. And the day he was, at long last, declared guilty.
I couldn't stand the guy.
It was bad enough Peterson was a police officer who got away with killing his first wife.
It got much worse with the missing second wife (still not found); with their kids in his custody; and a third potential wife he was planning to marry. Both wives had life insurance policies.

He flirted with the media, the moth to their bright lights. Yet he was transparent and offensive, it appeared everyone saw through him.
He basked in way more than 15 minutes of fame with an attitude and posture that mocked his victims and his fellow officers.

I worked a murder case many moons ago similar to this one.
Everyone knew our suspect did it --  everyone including the police, the victim's family, the prosecutor, and every investigator on the case, myself included.
Yet still we couldn't get him.
We couldn't get a grand jury to indict him.
We couldn't get anyone to testify against him.
We had evidence. It just wasn't good enough.
So we had to step away and watch him walk away...
and walk back into his life...
back into the arms of  the woman we believed would be his next victim.
A decade passed...
the investigation never really stopped...
though it never really started up again either.
Instead, the case grew cold until one day, the phone rang.
I picked it up and was told the suspect killed himself.
As simple as that.
It's over.
The cold case is now a closed case.

The suspect killed himself for reasons we don't know.
There was a suicide note, it wasn't released.
He left more damage in his wake...
a grieving family...
and the victim's family...
all with questions unanswered because those answers went with the suspect  to his grave.
I think he killed himself because he was haunted.
Either by the victim, his memories of it, or karma.

 Drew Peterson, is still alive and hopefully, not well.
He was just transferred  to prison.
This is a link to the most recent news on his case.Drew Peterson transferred to Pontiac prison

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