Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Jodi Arias Prosecutor's Like a 'Rabid Dog,' Legal Critic Says"

So I am running very late for the day because I am glued to live testimony on the Jodi Arias trial.
Jodi over- killed her boyfriend Travis Alexander in the shower.
Jodi and Travis Alexander.
Note position of her hand.
I find this murder case, telecast live, fascinating.
Word has it, this is the longest a DEF (Defendant)  has ever been on the stand.
And I can see why.
Jodi is a very good liar.
However, she doesn't know we all know she is lying.
And she is totally unprepared for the relentless prosecutor who must've been a pitbull in a previous life.
Watching prosecutor Juan Martinez cross-examine her is pure poetry in motion for someone like me, who is hired by victims or their families.

I haven't see Jodi cry until today.
That always gets to me... when the killer cries.
Who are they crying for really?
Not the victim...
for themselves.
They cry because they got caught.
They cry because they are going to jail.

Yet Jodi cries what I believe are real tears  as she is directed to look at the crime scene photo.
She knows she is busted then and just breaks down.
Her hand is shaking.
The emotion is real.
Martinez sinks his teeth in and says:

"Ma'am where you crying when you were shooting him?
Were you crying when you were stabbing him?
From Jodi Arias' "My Space"
Were crying when you when you cut his throat?
And you're the one that did this right?
And you're the same individual that lies about all this right?"

That was one laser-guided, heat-seeking scud missile direct to the heart of her lies.
Powerful stuff, Juan Martinez.
Take this girl off the streets.
We don't need another Casey Anthony out there.

If you don't know about this case here's a great link to catch you up.
It's live on InSession, Court TV... and all over the web.

Jodi Arias Prosecutor's Like a 'Rabid Dog,' Legal Critic Says - ABC News

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