Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RE: The Stalker Song

The above You Tube, the "Stalker Song" a light hearted opening to a very serious topic. I debated posting the song because for some people, stalking is anything but amusing. However, it makes the point without getting too grim.

I think some people today throw the word "stalking" around as if it's a good thing... which it is not.
It's not "you" the person the stalker wants, it's "you" the "object" they wish to possess.
And I think many people have no clue how much personal info they put out about themselves on Facebook.

If you're being stalked, you have no business being on Facebook.
That of course, is just my opinion.
However, it doesn't take much to hack into someone's Facebook account, so if you think your settings are private, they are not.

Stalking is a terrifying and deadly thing.
Sometimes stalkers can be easily stopped.
Their misdirected emotions can, on occasion, be re-directed through other channels. Sometimes a discussion with the stalker and/or his family about the legal of implications of stalking does the trick.

Other times a letter from an attorney can keep the wolf at bay.

In many cases, the police and a temporary or permanent restrainer are all it takes.

Yet in some cases..... nothing works.
The situation changes from annoying (see video below)... to deadly.

Rebecca Shaffer's case sparked anti-stalking laws in California.
For those old enough to remember and young enough to discover it on Hulu or Netflix, Rebecca was on "Mork and Mindy."

She didn't stand a chance the minute the guy showed up at her door.
And how did he get her address?
He hired a P.I. to give it to him!

Which is why, when you hire a good, licensed, ethical P.I., you won't find someone a potential client is looking for unless you can prove no harm will come to that someone.
And still you won't get an address or phone number out of the P.I. without an all clear.
A good P.I. will act as an intermediary before giving a client a subject's information.
It has to be okay with the subject or it doesn't happen.

Many stalkers are indeed wolves in sheep's clothing.
Some do look crazy on the outside and you can see them coming.
However, the majority, in my experience, appear normal at first.
Yet, look deeper and you can see...
most stalkers aren't all there.
The elevator does not go to the top.
They're a few beers shy of six pack.
Ans a stalker and a gun, knife, battery acid,  zip ties and a taser... is a weapon of individual or mass destruction.

Some stalkers feed on the negative attention they get...
so the more people focus on stopping the stalker, the more he or she feeds into it...
and the stalking escalates.

Certainly, many  stalkers focus on the rick and famous.
Not only was John Lennon of the Beatles killed by a man who stalked and shot him  down..
Lennon's dear friend and Beatle's band mate George Harrison had a knife plunged into his body by a stalker who broke into Harrison's home while he and his wife slept.
That stalker has since died, and some say it's George's version of karmic justice. Here's that link:

There are countless lists and information from police agencies and stalking experts on how to stop a stalker. The purpose of this post is not to stop stalking... rather, to make you aware... whether you care or not... whatever you post on the net about yourself, is fodder for someone else. And if you have a stalker, whether you know it or not, you are ripe for the picking when you lay all your goodies out of on the table.

You could post a picture of your kid a pedophile gloms onto. Add a little adobe photo shop, air brushing, a nude body and your kid's picture is for sale to pedophiles worldwide.
You could post about a vacation you are on, then a stalker or thief will know you are not home.
You can post pictures of your friends, family and you've given a stalker a road map to your life.
An identity to steal.
And one smart-ass remark you make on your Facebook page in anger, can backfire and cost you your job, friends, family.... or worse, your life.
Check out this link...

If you are being stalked and can't stop it... or  it's escalating,  you need back-up.
Contact the police, an attorney, a P.I, the FBI, anyone who will listen.
In the meantime, these ten tips may help.

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