Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back To The Start

One thing life does not offer is "do-overs".
When we blow an opportunity...
walk away from something good...
tell someone something cruel...
knowingly do something unethical, immoral or instantly regrettable...
we deal with the consequences.
There's no chance for an instant replay, a rewind, a"go back" to the start.

If you've made mistakes in your life, you're not alone.
I'm an expert in that department.
Not only do I have a lifetime of mistakes in my baggage in the shed...
as a PI, our business is all about mistakes and correcting them.
So I deal with human error on a daily basis.
I have learned this...
We learn from our mistakes depending on the way we deal with them.  
We have many choices and paths we  can take to deal with the mistakes we make in life.
Mistakes.... meaning errors or failure due to our own action... or in-action.

When you makes mistakes,  you can make amends.
Learn from from them.
Ignore them.
You can blame someone... or something else.... for your mistakes.
You can review those mistakes, replay them over in your head...
or run the "what-if'" scenario...
the rationalizations about what you did, didn't do, or could have done differently.
The best advice I can ever give anyone is...
don't repeat your mistakes.

And when you make one, don't beat yourself up.
Instead ask yourself one simple question...
"What is the lesson in this?"
When we learn from the lessons life's mistakes teach us...
we can acquire equity... in the form of knowledge...  from those mistakes.
How does a young child learn not to touch a hot stove?
By touching it!
Life is designed to teach us by trial and error,

I don't know about you...
I  prefer not to spend my life looking back in regret, or longing.
My feeling about life is really rather simple.
It is... what it is.
And every day above ground is a good day.

The point of living, in this P.I.'s opinion, is to KEEP living, with integrity, conviction, passion...
to work hard, live well...
to keep growing...
to keep learning...
to keep challenging yourself to change/become  the kind of person you truly want to be.
Once you figure out who that person is.

When you make a mistake, accept you are not perfect.
Or if you think you are perfect, accept you are not.

The following You-Tube speaks to this topic.
When I saw it on a friend's wall,  I decided to post it on the blog.
It is a great performance of a powerful message -- a visceral yearning in so many of us to just go back to the start.

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