Monday, August 6, 2012

In the Wake of Colorado

According to some reports, including the one, just released... which I am linking you to below...
James Eagan Holmes’ psychiatrist allegedly warned a  Colorado  threat-assessment team  that Holmes was indeed a threat.
However, her warnings were ignored. Or lost in transmission.
I wonder though, if it would have made a difference.
There are plenty of sick and twisted people walking around out there no one can do a thing about.
Until they commit a crime, you can't commit them.
However, this article  gets you thinking.
If only there were way we could know...
that someone would booby trap their home, hoping to set off a diversion to occupy the police...
while he, the shooter was busy shooting people in the theater.
Imagine what would have happened had that apartment blown up as Holmes intended. How many more lives would be lost?
It took a brilliant mind to excel in neurology school; to build the complex set of triggers, trips and wires leading the major explosives in his apartment.
I think that same mind could fool a threat assessment team.
Just like he's trying to fool us all now with his courtroom act.

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