Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can you Identify Me?

People go missing every day.
Some are abducted, some are killed, some have just had it with their lives and walk away.
The ones who walk away, usually change identities and become someone else.
Time passes.
Bodies are found.
And when they are...
many are unidentified.
So a friend started a Facebook site and group called "Can You Identify Me?"
It's an online blog dedicated to America's Unidentified.
According to my friend, she and her associates have  been working behind the scenes for the past six months to team up... and turn "Can You Identify Me" to a non profit that will work toward the resolution of America's Unidentified.
So what I'd like to do is just stop time for this moment...
and take that time before I hit the road on this hot Northwest day and post a link to the "Can You Identify Me" site on Facebook.
Just a little warning beforehand...
I found it disturbing.
In a way I haven't experienced before.
I see grim images every day. With my eyes, my camera, in hospitals, on the streets, in police photos.
I see autopsy photos, death scene photos and the grimmest of injury shots.
I will never forget focusing my camera lens into a hole in a man's face where there used to be eye.
That hole was left by a bullet. It was ugly.

These photos are disturbing too, though in a different way.
Because they are lost souls.
Someone found these people, these bodies, yet no one knows who they are.
So as I scrolled the images, I found them very unsettling and sad.
Yet I knew it was necessary I look at each and every one... just in case.
Here's the link to "Can You Identify me" on Facebook.
Please hit "like" on the link and spread the word.
Here's a link to their Facebook Page:

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