Monday, November 28, 2011


Before I hit the road, I'll hit the blog with some music. I think it's the perfect accompaniment for today's cases and mindset.... being, domestics.  Domestic cases involved people within families and relationships in conflict -- who sometimes who bring deadly harm to their own.

Poison has always a popular way to do a  nemesis in. In fact, I have known a few people in my career who have allegedly been poisoned. Two by their lovers for certain.

So when I came across the following song, I saved it for the day, I had to hit both the blog and road fast.
This would be that song.
It's not for kids, way too adult for that.
Besides.... kids have plenty of evil schemes of their own, why inject even more diabolical concepts in to their impressionable minds?
It's just this song has a a deeper meaning to me.
It does speak of poisons of the body.
It also sings of poisons to the mind...
and how toxic relationships can truly be.

Before you leap into love...
study the pit first.
You can't know a person... truly know a person.... until the first blush, hormones, madness of love wears off.
Some people are gifts to the planet and your life.
Others, are simply... poison.

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  1. Love your blog, your insights and all that you do! I really respect you and your profession and there are a lot of people better because of you!!!! Take care, be safe and thanks for all you do and say! Let me know when I can take a ride along~ LOL