Friday, November 25, 2011

Pedal to the Metal

I apologize for disappearing. I was struggling between writing a book or expanding this blog.
It looks like the blog has won.
Being a full time PI, rather busy right now, what I need most is time and added brain power to pull off this expansion.
So, the progress will be slow and steady...
as I get up to speed on how to monetize and best utilize  this medium for my message.

There's a comments section after each blog post.
Feel free to use it... it helps on a number of levels...
and share this link with anyone you choose.
The ultimate goal is to provide information to as many as I can...
because information is power.
It's what can save a life..
or destroy it.
The following video is way too grim to post on Facebook.
I figured it was the perfect addition before I head out to investigate a tragic vehicle accident today.

Remember, there are no real  holidays for police, first responders, paramedics, life flight pilots and their med teams, er docs, hospital staff and most of all...
the innocent victims of guilty people who text and make calls while they drive... eat while they drive...
drag race.

There is no text, no call, no need greater on this planet ...when driving... to keep your hands on the wheels, your eyes focused and keep a safe distance from the loose cannons and semi's on the road.
Truth is, we  never know when some distracted, drunk or deviant driver could take us, or a whole whole family out.

I was driving last night with a car full of people I love, in the rain, the cold, on freeways, up a mountain.
And I felt their lives in my hand.
Nothing felt better last night, besides an incredibly great Thanksgiving dinner and evening with equal great people...
than to get everyone safely home....
get my car parked and know...
we lived to see another day.

Doesn't take a brain surgeon to see, I am quite passionate about this subject.
That's because I have investigated not hundreds, but thousands of motor vehicle accidents.
I get the concept.
Car = missile.
Now we must pass the equation on to our young, our new drivers....
the ones devouring  video games about car racing, grand theft of the auto variety...
and of course, all the fast and furious movies that make me furious, because we are creating a whole new generation of reckless, young drivers who think they are all that...and a bag of chips.

The  video below is not easy to watch.
It is powerful and it is important.
It's  what I see on the job.
And it's what you might consider showing a young cocky driver with his or her first car.

Thanks for coming back to the blog.
You will keep it going... and growing... just by showing up.
Please feel free to share this link.
There are some mighty thick heads we  all have to get through to.

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