Monday, July 6, 2009

Post 4th Clean-Up

Writing blog posts takes more time than I thought. So this will be quick update to keep the momentum going until I return tonight.

Three big cases came in over the 4th of July weekend. Today, heading out to see the first one. Motorcyclist rear-ended by a Dodge Caravan (youch), flew into a another Dodge Caravan (double youch.)

Biker bounced off the second van, sent air-born... motorcyclist and bike not separated. They flew together over an embankment, down a gully and into a pond, lake, I'm not sure which. All I know is the motorcycle landed on top of the guy's left side, pulling him under. Meantime, poor guy had to struggle to keep his head above water with his other arm so he could breathe until rescue. His right arm was pulled completely out of its socket (make that a triple youch.)

He's a mechanic and was told by ER docs he probably won't work for a year. Problem is, he's a single dad, has no motorcycle insurance, and has a mortgage. He said he is worried, depressed and feels hopeless. Sure hope I and the lawyers can help him.

Back at you after I meet this guy, check out the scene, the bike, the Caravan and see what we can do. I hope that Caravan has insurance, and a lot of it, because the biker doesn't doesn't.

Rain storms coming which are very good for business. Good thing the rains waited until after the biker was safely pulled out of his quagmire. With the dry spell we have had here in the Pacific Northwest, it is likely I would be investigating a death case had it happened during the rains.

Meantime, may all who read this drive defensively and safely today.

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