Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Confession

I confess.

I have failed miserably... twice now... at this mission I have assigned myself. A blog, updated daily. I have a lot of excuses. Some are very good. Some clever. Others credible and/or entertaining.
However, I heard this great quote once.
"Excuses are the pillars of fools."
So I will spare the excuses and not label myself a fool.
I think slacker would be a better descriptor.

What an excuse give us is permission to slack off, avoid, deny, ignore, delay, detour, deter. Excuses are an expression of fear or disrespect -- not fear or disrespect of someone outside of us, but the forces within us.

The fear or disrespect of self takes the form of barriers, walls in our head, that keep us from getting what we want done. What matters, is not that the wall is there. What matters is what you do when you get to the wall.

Some just stop at the wall. Others climb over it. Some knock it down. And there are those who turn on their heels, and walk away to another place.
When the going gets tough, some people really get going and growing. Others go down for the count.
Some people step it up, others step away.
Forced to face our demons, we either suck it up and forge forward.
Or we give up.

Survival of the fittest speaks not just to body. it speaks to mind.
That said, this post marks my renewed commitment to daily blogging.
To face my wall called the keyboard on a daily basis.
To prove to myself, if not others...
that there is always time in a single day to do what matters to you.
Even if it's hard to do.

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