Saturday, July 14, 2012

Re Peter Keller Video's - Inside a Killer's Head

Just a few months ago, in April of this year,  2012,  just east of Seattle...
in a home outside of Northbend, Washington....
at the base of a mountain very near where some of our family members live...
41 year old Peter Keller, a local, unassuming family man...
shot and killed his wife, Lynetttee Keller and his 18-year old daughter Kaylene Keller.

After murdering his wife and child, Peter Keller followed his own, systemic, pre-meditated plan...
and set his house own fire...
while the bodies of his wife and daughter, lay inside with gunshot wounds to their heads.
Keller then fled into the mountains while police investigated, then suspected and pursued him.
That's where phase two of Peter Keller's operation began. In a bunker he built. No one knew it then.

Here's a link from a local news site before police found Keller and while he was hiding.

Keller hid out in an underground bunker he'd been building for years.
It was one the one of the most elaborate bunkers many in local law enforcement had seen.
It was hard to spot.... and everyone was surprised,  that despite the time, effort and multiple trips it took over years to build it... that no one noticed his comings and goings.
Beyond that, it was thick and deep in the forest, hard enough to access. Harder even to spot.

Regardless, one eagle eye tracker did notice the trail Keller used while police were looking for him.
They found the bunker and found him dead,  gunshot wound to the head.
Here's a link to that day.

So in the end, three people, dead...
two of those... very good people... murdered and torched by the one person they loved and trusted the most.
Everyone wondered "why"?
Why, why, why why, why?
It's the one question, the one word I hear most often in the P.I. business.
Why did he do it?
Why did he kill his wife and daughter?
Why didn't we see it coming?
Why did he do what he did?
I always hear the "why" question.
It's what people want to know most.
They want to get inside the killer's head because only the killer knows.

And that's what today's blog is all about.
Getting inside a killer's head and seeing if there is an answer to the "why" question there.
Let's see if you see it, because I sure don't.
Peter Keller kept video diaries the King County Sheriff just released.
Following are two of those video diaries... filmed by Keller himself and just released.
 To me, Keller looks like an average, everyday,middle aged guy.
He was clearly bored with life... and thought shooting his wife, daughter...
burning the house...
emptying the bank accounts...
then robbing banks, pharmacies....
and living in a bunker would be better than his current, as he called it "boring" existence.
If the police show up, he pretty much says, no problem.
I'll shoot myself.
That's what he did.

In my humble opinion, Peter Keller provides no specific answer to  "why" question in his self-made You-Tubes which follow.
I believe he was either a psychopath, sociopath, a ticking time bomb, a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Some people are born bad, he was one of them.
It was not an act of impulse, alcohol, rage, a blast of insanity.
It was pure, pre-planned, pre-meditated murder.
With one child left behind.
The one who wasn't there, the one he didn't murder.
Money found in the bunker will go to her college fund.

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  1. I read about this the other day and found it incredibly sad. I think this man definitely fits the profile of a sociopathic personality. He was able to "act" loving on the surface, and fool people into believing his facade, but most likely, if investigators dig deeply enough, they'll find something in his childhood that produced a character who was incapable of truly connecting with others. I've met this type of personality over the years and they're chilling to be around, once you recognize the psychology going on.

    That sad part is that his wife and daughter died. I don't think, even if he were alive today and interviewed, that he could provide an answer that any of us would find logical for why he did what he did. Some people are just void and broken, irrevocably. The shame of it is that those types always seem to inflict their emptiness on others.

    - Dawn