Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Re: cell phone spying and daily update.

This is a great article from the "Carolina Investigator" worth reading. With so many houses of cards falling down in the current state of national and international economic collapse, desperation is not only evident, it's running rampant.
Foreclosures, bankruptcies, job losses -- they all add to divorces and family battles - via fistfights, murder or probate.
Knowing how to protect yourself and your privacy is one important key to survival in an age where information is not only power. Information is money. And money is what everyone appears hungry for at the moment.
So take a minute to check out this article I have hopefully... and successfully... linked you to. Just click on the title of this blog entry and that will take you to the link.
Meantime, I am heading off to the ferry to follow up one case and to teach my last class of the year at University of Washington.
Tonight, I will be giving my students the WA State P.I. Operative test. If they pass, and I suspect they will, the state will have a whole new slew of PI's trained by the best facility and instructors in the state. Three of us teach the year-long program and we cover the gamut of the field of private investigation: law, criminal investigation and civil investigation.
It's amazing how many people come to this career later in life. Never a dull moment. Seldom a shortage of business for those willing to think not only outside the box... but sideways.

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